Error code: Wsl/Service/0x80040326

How to fix Error code: Wsl/Service/0x80040326

You just need to run below command using powershell, and waiting update :

wsl --update

if wsl –update data will be lost?

No, running the command wsl --update will not delete your data in WSL. This command will download and install updates for the Linux distribution installed on WSL without affecting existing data or settings. However, you should always back up important data before updating or making changes to the operating system.

What is WSL?

WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is a feature of the Microsoft Windows operating system that allows users to run a Linux environment directly on their Windows machine without needing a separate virtual machine or dual-boot setup. This compatibility layer enables running Linux binary executables natively on Windows, using a Linux-compatible kernel interface. Consequently, users can run Linux command-line tools, utilities, and applications directly on their Windows machine while having access to the same file system and network resources as Windows applications.

Multiple Linux distributions supported by WSL

WSL supports multiple Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, and SUSE, which users can install and manage through Microsoft Store or other package managers. This feature provides integration with Windows file systems, networking, and security, making it a powerful tool for developers and system administrators who need to work with both Windows and Linux environments.

Benefits of using WSL

With WSL, users can take advantage of the benefits of both operating systems without switching between them or sacrificing the functionality of either one. Furthermore, WSL enables users to use Linux command-line tools and applications seamlessly with their Windows tools and applications, which can significantly increase their productivity.

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